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Wes Linden – best selling Author, world renowned Speaker, Direct Sales Leader – plus National Network Leader with Utility Warehouse (UW).

Wes Linden

About Wes Linden

Wes Linden represents all that is good and possible within Direct Sales. Unusually and perhaps even uniquely, he has been with just one referral marketing company his whole career – Utility Warehouse (UW). Starting out with Utility Warehouse (then more commonly known as Telecom Plus PLC) in 1998, Wes has climbed the ladder of success with Utility Warehouse to their top-rank of National Network Leader.

Wes is one of the Network’s most visible and respected Partners. He regularly hosts the Company’s main annual conference (Express Day), plus runs the popular Massive Action Day at two national venues each year, along with his own Kick-Off events each New Year.

Wes is an author of several Amazon best selling books on direct sales and in 2018 was inducted into the Direct Selling Hall of Fame (2018). Aligned with this, Wes has spoken at and hosted Mastermind (the worlds premier Direct Selling event).

More about Wes Linden

Having failed his first year at university, Wes Linden was well on his way to failing his second year too. He had just turned twenty while doing some student teaching as part of his degree, when he first heard about Telecom Plus PLC (Utility Warehouse). Wes was already £10,000 in debt and living with his mother. He’d gone to a good school and his friends were all doing much better than him, on their way to completing medical, legal or economic degrees, and he was pretty directionless. So he decided to join Utility Warehouse to work alongside his studies, in the hope of earning some money in the short term, and building a residual income in the long term. After a few months, Wes was hooked on referral marketing and decided to drop out of university … before he was kicked out!

Although he kept a student mentality (late nights, rubbish TV and parties) he gave his sole focus to his Utility Warehouse business and started to make a success of it. Despite many of his friends and peers asking him “When are you going to get a proper job?” and suggesting he had been tricked into a scam, Wes rode the storm, and found himself financially semi-retired by the age of 24, and by 27 his residual income had overtaken the average salary of not just a teacher (the career for which he was destined) but a head teacher!

The bare fact is that Wes Linden has never had a ‘proper’ job thanks to this profession and has only ever been involved with one network (Utility Warehouse). He is still actively involved in his company as an Authorised UW Partner and National Network Leader (NNL). In addition, he hosts many of his company’s major conventions and presents some of their corporate recruiting videos, while still enjoying building his business as close to the grass roots as possible.

In 2013, Wes Linden was the first ever Brit to speak at the three-day Network Marketing Mastermind Event® in Orlando, alongside the biggest names from the profession in the world. In 2015 Wes was the MC and host for this event, and has become a popular figure as a speaker at company conventions throughout the world. He is vehemently committed to the expansion of the profession and its credibility worldwide and believes this will be simpler when networkers from all companies link arms with each other.

Outside of all this, Wes is a keen-traveller and has on average, one holiday a month. He sees a Personal Trainer at least four times a week, in part to keep fit for his other major interest as a soccer referee where Wes has officiated in the professional leagues up to Championship level for a number of years. He also enjoys spending lots of time with his close friends and family. It’s only success with Utility Warehouse that has given Wes the choices to do these things whenever he wishes.

Books by Wes Linden

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