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UW Energy

UW Energy - supplier of green energy - gas & electricity

Switching UW Energy is easy & with guaranteed savings

Switching gas and electricity supply to the Utility Warehouse is a guarantee of savings versus the average of the cheapest variable tariffs available from the ‘big 6’ suppliers and when they lower their prices, the Utility Warehouse also lower their prices. Guaranteed savings on gas and electricity forever.

Save an extra 15% on electricity

Members can obtain extra electricity savings with the free LED light bulb service that Utility Warehouse offer. By taking Home Phone and Broadband, Members qualify for a free light bulb replacement service – meaning less energy consumption and savings forever!

  • UW use the latest energy efficient LED bulbs.
  • Bulbs are typically worth £300 – £500
  • Installation is 100% free
  • Bulbs are then guaranteed for life
Utility Warehouse is one of the UK's greenest energy suppliers