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UW Energy

UW Energy - supplier of green energy - gas & electricity

Bundle your services for the UK's cheapest energy

By bundling services, UW offers the UK’s cheapest fixed rate energy tariff, plus £400 towards any early termination fees charged by existing suppliers, when new UW customers bundle three or more services. Switching to UW energy is a simple process, taking as little as two days to complete. UW energy is always cheaper than the ‘Price Cap’ and in 2023 was awarded Best Value for Money at the Uswitch Energy Awards 2023.

UW supply 100% renewable energy

Finding a 100% renewable energy tariff is high on the agenda for increasing numbers of environmentally conscious energy customers. This relies on an energy providers ability to guarantee that energy is derived from renewable energy sources such as wind, wave, solar and hydro. Traditionally this has been an expensive choice – so much so that despite the obvious benefits, consumers often prefer to remain on non-renewable tariffs. New UW energy customers who take three or more UW services can benefit from 100% renewable energy.

In addition, UW plants a tree on behalf of every new UW customer taking all UW services – amounting to 174,000 broadleaf trees planted in the UW Woodland so far, covering an area of 73 football pitches.