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Utility Warehouse (UW) offers their Distributors a unique home-based business opportunity that can pay a substantial regular monthly income by helping people to save money on their essential household utility bills – energy, telephone, mobile phone, insurance, broadband and online shopping (with cashback).

Members can start earning straight away, with upfront customer gathering payments of up to £350. Thereafter, there are no monthly qualifications to meet for a Partner to receive an ongoing monthly residual income, as long as a Partner maintains three personally introduced Members.

This is a professional, very long-standing and profitable home-based business opportunity. Those looking for a ‘get rich quick’ scheme should not join Utility Warehouse as to generate a meaningful income takes a consistent investment of time. That said, people join Utility Warehouse from all walks of life – many to earn an immediate full-time income by customer gathering. On this basis, there is a fast-start and Quick Income Plan (QUIP) in place to help new Partners to earn £500-£2100 (or more) in their first month.

See Partner options below.

Earn substantial upfront cash bonus payments with Utility Warehouse

Independent Distributor

This position is ideal for those who wish to build a long-term, sustainable and profitable home-based business by introducing new Members to the Utility Warehouse and building a team of other Partners. People from all walks of life are recognising the immediate benefits of an immediate income, plus the long-term financial security offered by a passive income that is underpinned by essential household services – so much so that some join Utility Warehouse as a career and pension alternative.

To join as a fully ‘Authorised UW Partner’ costs just £50. Those who already have UW services pay just £10. This includes websites, marketing materials and full training. Start-up costs are covered by a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Community Fundraiser (CFR)

Community groups such as schools, charities and clubs can join Utility Warehouse as a ‘Community Fundraiser’ (CFR). This option costs just £25 and allows such groups to get paid for recommending Utility Warehouse services. CFR’s are not required to complete training and can refer their supporters to Utility Warehouse via website or phone. CFR’s earn both immediate and residual income.

Independent Representative (IR)

The IR Partner position is typically designed for large corporate organisations and companies. Joining Utility Warehouse as an Independent Representative allows such organisations to earn an additional income stream by recommending Utility Warehouse services. IR’s only recommend UW services, but have no interest in building a team. The cost to join Utility Warehouse as an IR is £199.75.

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