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UW Partners earn money by introducing customers & other Partners to the Utility Warehouse (UW). Earnings include immediate customer gatherings bonuses & long-term residual income

Earn substantial upfront cash bonus payments with Utility Warehouse

In simple terms, there are two ways for UW Partners to earn money

Keeping things simple, Utility Warehouse Partners earn money in two ways:

  1. Money up-front  – in the form of customer gathering bonus payments for signing up multi-service customers. Typically, UW Partners can earn £250-£300 for each multi-service home owner they sign-up and during the initial start-up, as much as £400 for each customer introduced to the Utility Warehouse.
  2. Residual income –  UW Partners receive an ongoing monthly passive income as a percentage of their customers bills. Residual income is paid on both personally introduced customers and on customers introduced through building a team of UW Partners. For personally gathered customers, an ongoing passive income of £30-£60 per year is typical, and ongoing for as long as a customer remains a UW customer.

Utility Warehouse is the only business of it’s kind where both an immediate and passive income can be earned on essential household services. Everyone uses gas, electricity, mobile, telephone, broadband and insurance. Everyone shops online, in shops and wants cashback on their purchases. A business and income founded on such essentials is significantly more financially viable that one founded on non-essentials.

What other rewards are available to UW Partners?

UW Partners benefit from a variety of other incentives and rewards. These include fast-start bonuses, substantial ongoing promotional bonuses, enhanced residual income rewards, share options, an attractive UW Partner car plan, holiday incentives, and a variety of other rewards,

Earn a second income with the Utility Warehouse

Second-income opportunity