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Telecom Plus PLC shares – share in the future growth and financial success of Utility Warehouse

Utility Warehouse is a UK success story

Share options issued so far have been worth many millions of pounds

Telecom plus operates a share option scheme as an incentive for its UW Partners. Share options are a ‘risk-free’ way for the Company’s Independent Authorised Partners to share in the future growth and financial success of the Utility Warehouse (UW). Distributor share options issued so far have been worth many millions of pounds, creating huge gains for those Partners who have contributed to the Company’s growth and success. The intention is for the Company to make further allocations in the future.

This is a chance for all UW Partners to obtain a ‘free’ allocation of Telecom plus PLC share options in a fast moving PLC on the London Stock Exchange. Some people don’t understand the full potential of such share options. Resulting from a similar issue of share options by Microsoft, there are over 10,000 millionaires working for them? The more customers that join Telecom plus and the bigger the Company becomes, the more these valuable share options will be worth. They could eventually be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. So don’t miss out – get involved and make sure you qualify simply by sharing the benefits of Telecom plus with others.

Telecom Plus PLC share price information

For the current Telecom plus PLC share price, details of the latest trading, along with technical analysis and news analysis, the best website would be the London Stock Exchange.

Google has a wealth of information on Telecom plus PLC, including details of all the Company’s Directors, the latest news, share price data, blog discussions, useful share analysis and links to further sources of information. Reuters is a very good source of further reports and research on Telecom plus PLC, including share price analysis, financial summaries, key statistics & financials.

Seems like a great deal of online Telecom plus PLC information is shares and share price related. The Investors Chronicle is another such source of share price information, with some useful overview graphs and the benefit of a good share price forum.

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