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Join the Utility Warehouse

Join Utility Warehouse (UW)

Earn a significant income from day-one - join the Utility Warehouse

Join UW as a Partner – you can earn a significant income without it effecting your current job or business. The UW business opportunity is designed to be flexible, catering for both part-time second-income needs, whilst also being viable from day-one as a full-time work-from-home career/job alternative.

Utility Warehouse Partner benefits include:

  • Generous upfront Quick Income Plan (QUIP) payments of up to £350 per customer
  • Customer gathering payments (CGB) of up to £70 per customer
  • Ongoing residual income as a percentage of customer bills
  • Partner car incentives
  • Holiday promotions
  • Promotional and leadership payments
  • Other cash bonus payments
  • Ongoing training and support
  • Flexible hours
  • No stock to carry or targets to meet
  • Share option scheme

Join and get started with the Utility Warehouse (parent Company: Telecom Plus PLC) to earn up to £370 (QUIP + CGB) for each customer you introduce. Then get paid each month as a percentage of your customers bills.

Utility Warehouse Distributors have a unique opportunity to build a substantial regular monthly income by helping people save money on their utility bills.

There are no monthly qualifications to meet in order to receive an ongoing income, as long as you maintain just three personal customers, and you can start earning money with us from day one.

This is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme, but a way to build a meaningful monthly income by investing consistent time and effort in building your Utility Warehouse business. It is essential for you to help train and support new Distributors you recruit, as well as gathering customers who take as many of the services offered by the Company as possible. This is the best way to build a strong business and maximise your income from the Compensation Plan.

If you would like to earn an extra income working safely and remotely from home with this business opportunity – please register your interest.