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National Network Leader

For a UW Partner to be promoted to National Network Leader they will need to gather a minimum of 100 personal members, have a group base of 25000 customers and have in their team two Senior Team Leaders, three Group Leaders, two Senior Group Leaders, and one National Group Leader in their team. UW National Network Leaders can also increase their UW income by gaining further ‘star promotions’ as the size of their business continues to grow. The criteria for earning NNL stars are as follows:

1 Star NNL = 100000 Group Customers
2 Star NNL = 175000 Group Customers
3 Star NNL = 250000 Group Customers
4 Star NNL = 375000 Group Customers
5 Star NNL = 500000 Group Customers

The maximum potential income of a UW National Network Leader is £83,333 per month or £1,000,000 per annum. In addition, National Network Leaders can earn a one-off promotional bonus of £20,000.