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UW is the UK’s only multiservice provider

UW Partners make money by helping people to save money on their essential household services. These are services that everyone uses and would welcome the opportunity to pay less for. These essential services (gas, electricity, landline, broadband and mobile) are the ultimate consumables, with no requirement to remind customers to turn up their thermostat, make calls or turn the lights on. Do the work once and earn money for as long as customers continue to pay less for their utilities as UW customers. There is no requirement to hold any stock and no requirement to constantly chase repeat orders each month. Everyone is a potential customer and the market is virtually unlimited. Who do you know who uses these services and would welcome the opportunity to pay less? 

Energy: Consistently fair prices which UW guarantee will always be lower than the fair price set by Ofgem. Broadband: High-quality broadband and phone services, outstanding technical support, and Which?’s only Recommended Broadband Provider in 2020. Landline: Guaranteed savings compared with other major providers, and unlimited landline and mobile calls to other Members, all day, every day. Mobile: All the latest handsets, no in-contract price rises, and a 2020 Which? Recommended Mobile ProviderInsurance: Top-rated by Defaqto and Moneyfacts, always the best premium from UW’s panel of insurers, and monthly payments at no extra charge.