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Utility Warehouse for cheaper electricity

Since 1998, when the gas and electricity markets were deregulated in the UK, competition has steadily increased, as since this time customers have been able to choose which company supplies their gas and electricity. In recent years, energy prices have varied greatly in the UK, with the ‘Big 6′ energy suppliers (British Gas, E.ON, npower, EDF, Scottish Power and Scottish & Southern Energy), regularly increasing their energy prices. The publicity created by this volatile energy market, along

with expensive advertising campaigns and the activity of comparison websites, has led to a far greater awareness of how much money can be saved by switching and how easy it is to switch to a cheaper energy supplier.

Utility Warehouse for cheaper gas

Telecom plus PLC (trading as the Utility Warehouse) is licensed by the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (OFGEM) to supply both gas and electricity to domestic customers throughout the UK (excluding Northern Ireland) and is committed to delivering consistently low energy prices to their customers. Over 300,000 customers throughout the UK already benefit from substantial savings with the Utility Warehouse.

Join online today as an Independent Distributor or register for further information. Ask questions: email or call 0800 458 0623. New customers, please sign-up online or call 0800 458 0623. Existing customers, please visit the Clubhouse for full online support.

Customers are amazed at how much money the Utility Warehouse can save them compared with the cheapest standard direct debit energy tariffs available from their competitors. Once customers have transferred their gas and electricity to the Utility Warehouse they can relax, confident in the knowledge that they will always receive a really great deal with the Company’s exclusive ‘Triple Value’ guarantee.

For full details of Utility Warehouse Gas and Electricity (including energy tariffs & the ‘Triple Value’ guarantee), please visit:

Switching your energy services to the Utility Warehouse is easy

For customers wishing to switch the supply of their gas and electricity services to the Utility Warehouse, the process is very straightforward. There is no interruption to the supply of energy, customers keep the same pipes and meters and receive exactly the same gas and electricity as they did with the previous supplier. Significantly, there is no minimum contract on the Utility Warehouse’s energy services, so if customers are not happy with the savings that they make, they can easily transfer their energy services back to another supplier.

For full details of Utility Warehouse Gas and Electricity (including energy tariffs & the ‘Triple Value’ guarantee), please visit:

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